About Us

We are a few friends and family members belonging to various parts of Karnataka - Coorg, Hubli and Bengaluru and with a little bit of Marathi and Chennai influence who are passionate about eating healthy food that is more suited to the Indian palette. 

I am Poornima, a mom to three daughters, who has graduated in Home Science and is passionate about cooking, arts and stitching. While arts is something that I dabble with once in a while especially during Navarathri, cooking delicious healthy food is something I still enjoy even after 60 years. 

Breakfast in our household is our favourite meal of the day and Idli, Dosa, Upma, Poha, Pongal and Chapathi is common in our home just as much as any other household. But why are healthy processed foods sold in the market so much more consumable for a western palette? Peanut butter and Jams go well with toast but what about my Dosa and Idli? 

I want to make healthy, fresh spreads available that is palatable and tastes delicious with Indian foods. I want to make our Indian breakfast easy and use flavours and products that are unique to India. And I also want every mother to be able to give this food to their kids and not worry about it being unhealthy. 

This is my vision and I have been provided with a lot of help from my daughters, daughters friends, family and friends. Try our foods and let us know what you think!