Do - It - Yourself Paan in 30 seconds!

Do - It - Yourself Paan in 30 seconds!
Entertaining guests this weekend? Try this simple, healthy recipe for a Meetha paan and rest assured that your family and friends will love it!

Breakfast for the champions

Breakfast for the champions
Prepare this breakfast in 5 minutes and you can get a lot of nutrition in a single meal -  fat, protein, carbs and fibre!

Part 2 : Why do we source our honey from Sundarbans?

Age of contamination

Honey is available everywhere today because its consumption is universally considered to have a lot of medicinal and health benefits. But are you really consuming the benefits when you have a tablespoon of honey in the morning or is it contaminated? 

Read on to know more about how Honey is contaminated today and how honey from Sundarbans remains pestiscide-free, adulteration-free and how it is actually collected from the forests! 

Part 1 : Why do we source our honey from Sundarbans?

Battle of the anti-oxidant properties

Have you wondered about what are medicinal benefits of consuming honey daily or how and why honey vastly differs in taste and composition from region to region? 

Read on to understand comparative studies conducted on the benefits of Sundarbans honey over honey collected in other regions. All of them reveal that the composition characteristics of the honeys collected in the Sundarbans are excellent and the anti-oxidant capacity of the honey is superior to honey collected in some parts of India and even the world!